Curtains Or Roller Blinds?

When you are going to have your room renovated or you want to change how your room looks, the first thing that comes to your mind is the curtains that you have hanging in your room. You might want to change them, or just replace them with blinds, either of these options completely depend upon the mood of the person who is going to design the room now, and so here are some pros and cons of each one so that it would become easier for everyone to choose from among the two of these choices.

For the curtains there are a lot of designs and colors available, we are almost certain that the curtains, unlike the roller blinds, have more of the choice when it comes to the texture of the material that is used to make the roller blinds and so we can say that we have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to curtains. Curtains can be made thick or thin, all of this depends upon the mood of the designer of the room again, he can create any kind of atmosphere with the amount of light that the curtain lets to pass through it. There is also an option of a blackout sheer curtains in Box Hill which is used in case there is a need to totally abandon the light in the room as well.

Now the cons would be that curtains are not as durable as blind and they are not very low maintenance unlike the blinds. The curtains need to be dry cleaned every now and then because of the fact that they absorb the dust into themselves. Curtains are most of the time much more expensive when compared to the blinds that are cheap in comparison. The major disadvantage is that curtains can either be opened or closed, they just can really not filter the light that comes to them and also they are harder to clean when compared to the roller blinds which are rather easier to have cleaned.

The great roller blinds offer energy saving while they are fitted to the window, they can filter the light and as explained before as well, the blinds are cheaper than the curtains and not only that they are very low maintenance and are very easy to clean if they get dirty for one. They do not make the room look smaller unlike the thick curtains that take up a lot of space in the room as well. But here is this that the blinds are not very good in blocking out the light, and one more disadvantage is that there are no more textures available in the variety of the blinds and so people move over to buying the curtains instead. Check this link find out more details.

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