Pet Transport In Australia


From young children to grown up adults, the desire to own pets is common in both age groups. The option of having a particular species is variable. The commonly seen pets in houses include, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, poultry and ducks. The pet transport services in the country offer different packages and services. Almost all have their websites, for ease of people to decide the services they want to avail. For example, premier pet transport in Melbourne provides nationwide service as well as transporting pets overseas from AustraliaTheir team consists of well-trained professionals and experienced travel consultants to give appropriate advice to the pet owner, regarding their pet travel or relocation, time schedule etc.  

Range of services 

The range of services provided include 

  • Door to door pet transport 
  • Airline bookings 
  • Export documentations 
  • Health certificates from their vets 
  • Defense force relocations 
  • Full range of IATA approved travel crates for purchase or hire 

International pet relocation 

Domestic and international transport differs according to certain requirements and procedures performed for the safe travel of pets. For example, small pets are allowed to travel with the owner by air, considering the fact that a kennel is airline-approved, and easily fits underneath the seat. Option of ground travel for pets is also available while transporting pets overseas from Australia; usually quite tiring for the pet. Ground travel is also very expensive because you’re paying one or more people for several hours or days of their time, and you’ll also need to factor in gas and possible hotel costs. Pet-safe airlines have very well-trained crew, in handling of pets. Minor details are taken care of; temperature-controlled environment, constant tracking of the pet at each stage of travel. Animal travel Australia also provides professional service for internal pet relocation, and offers these simple steps to follow 

  • Step 1: Calling their office 
  • Step 2: Booking VIP travel crate  
  • Step 3: VIP travel itinerary  
  • Step 4: Approved fitness of VIP to fly 
  • Step 5: VIP pickup, if required  
  • Step 6: Flight 
  • Step 7: VIP accommodation, if required 
  • Step 8: VIP delivery at the door, if required 

Some airlines suggest you to check a set of points before having your pet travelled abroad. These checkpoints are: 

  • The pet should be more than 8 weeks old, because the risk of dehydration while travelling need to be avoided 
  • The pet is in good health 
  • The total weight of the pet and the container should not exceed 65 kg 
  • Unduly aggressive pets can create problems 
  • The pet should be transported in a container which complies with the Virgin Australia guidelines for pet containers and is the correct size for your pet  
  • Be treated for tapeworm infections 


Pet owners take special care of their pets, even when its time to relocate the pet. The owner searches through many pet transportation facilities and chooses the best service offered. Whether domestic or international travel, certain requirements are fulfilled before

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