What You Need To Consider Before Adding A Second Story To Your Home

Most of the people may thing that adding a second story to your already existing home is actually a lot easier than building a house from scratch. But did you know when second story additions floor plans are considered and reviewed, they turn out to be more challenging than actually going about a new project? There are a lot of things that one needs to consider and go through when they are planning on adding a second story to their already existing house, let’s find out what are those. 

  1. Structural Support

When you actually go ahead with your idea of adding up a second story to your house, make sure that you have had it checked by the concerned authorities that the house has enough ability to support that idea. Having make sure that the existing house has enough capacity on its foundation to add support and all the weight of a second story. Most of the times, houses do not have enough the ability to do so which is why getting an idea beforehand is compulsory before you move any further. 

  1. Height Regulations

Before you go to the designing element of your second story plan, make sure you have checked up with the local building authorities about all the guidelines and most specifically the height regulations for your area or neighborhood. Having all the permissions from the authorities is really important before you have the drawings and sketch of the home extension penned down. Not only will this save your time but also from the hassle and any other further restriction that may arise in the future. 

  1. Roof Creativity

I am pretty sure you have seen the typical houses with the same old boring roof styles specially where there are two story homes. Rather than doing the same for your home extension, we suggest you to come up with different and more creative ideas that can make your house look distinctive from the rest in your locality. To do so, you need to meet the concerned construction representative that can guide you about the different ways to go about with your roof styles.  

  1. ComfortableProportions 

When you own a single story house, it is the windows, trim, columns and shutters that are often considered minimal because the house is on a single level and is relatively smaller from the outlook as opposed to a double story house. When you are planning on adding a second story, make sure you keep in mind those elements and work with them in such a way that they are proportionally right so they can stand out in the right manner. For more information, please log on to https://www.capecod.com.au/. home-extension

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