Repairing Your Computer At Home

There was a time when repairing was something strictly related to technicians and that was the time when repairing costs more than buying an expensive brand. But now problems have been solved and there are no more barriers for anything, YouTube is there to help us, Google is there to assist anyone who is willing to do the stuff by himself/herself. If we talk generally about computers, when computers were new in the market, people were so afraid that they were unable to try anything new in their own PC in order to avoid the situation of repairing. But now things are different hence let’s roll on to some basic tips through which you can check your PC at home for any repair and repair yourself:

Check windows: first insert the window CD (before that make sure by clicking left mouse on my computer folder in order to understand the correct form of windows) then just insert the CD and follow the instructions, it is not always necessary to reinstall the whole software altogether during any malfunctioning, but sometimes laptop repair Christchurch works even better and saves a lot of time of any user.

Check the hardware: there is a simple mantra of checking if any hardware is malfunctioning, be it RAM, CD drive or any other hardware, just remove the RAM and restart the PC if it’s working correctly which means if the PC is not making any noise, it means RAM needs to be replaced. Similar is the case with every other hardware. Usually there is an option during the installation of windows (windows itself tells the hardware which is malfunctioning). 

Simply power cord: sometimes if the computer is not switching; before rushing to the technician try to check the power cord and remember most of the time it’s the power cord which is bad and rest is fine. Try to check the power cord if you have another cord replace it and try to turn the PC on. If it works this means power cord is bad rest is fine. Similarly there are some other checks too, sometimes power supply is dead and can be checked just by changing the power cord. If even after changing power cord things are not working it means power supply is not supporting. Hence it’s time to call the technician seriously.

The above mentioned are some simple DIY tricks through which things can be much less cheaper as compared to any other technician thing. It is highly recommended to check the above mentioned point way before anything else. Because if something can be repaired at home why spend so much money on it without any good reason.

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