How Can We Cure Our Biosphere?

In Starting, if we talk about nature which cover almost 79% of oceans, rivers, and lakes. 30% of the earth consists of land. This is a very small area for more than 20 million population. In this area, one has to live and compete for a living. There are many requirements for man’s survival on the earth and hence he also contaminated the land. The man’s requirements increase day by day. It demands surplus food, pharmaceutical drugs, clothes, leather products, cosmetics, and many more accessories. To fulfil all these requirements, scientists installed industries and factories. These industrial plants, no doubt, make the man’s lifevery comfortable but on the other hand, produces a lot of waste products that they poured in the rivers and maybe in open places and thus it makes our land contaminated. Here we need a contaminated land assessment which also gives us hazardous chemical awareness training and a possible remediation action plan.

Contaminated Land Assessment:

Contaminated land is potentially hazardous to our health. The contaminated land assessment provides us the proper sketched program authorized by the local Government. This evaluates the pollution potential and considers the action that reduces the danger of damaging the soil. Contaminated Land Assessment is declared when land suffers from the following problems:

  • Contaminated land assessment works on the principle of source-target-pathway.
  • The high degree of pollutants (source).
  • If a nearby person becomes affected by the pollution either water or air (pathway).
  • The pollutant badly affects the receptor (target).

Hazardous Chemical Awareness Training:

In the field of agriculture and social sciences, many courses are available for hazardous chemical awareness training. This branch aims to sense how one lives in a chemical environment and determines the conditions in which a recipient may be at risk of danger. The common hazardous chemicals include fertilizer, glue, chlorine, ammonium salts, and other alkalis. These do not only contaminate the soil by absorption but also have greater chances of inhaling or ingested directly or indirectly. Hazardous chemical awareness training courses are attended by emergency staff advisors, health and safety officers, and local authority emergency planners.

Asbestos Identification:

Asbestos is present as a mineral naturally in the rocks made up of silicates. There are many types of asbestos used in the construction and while furnishing one’s house. Asbestos identification is mandatory because it is a ban by the Government. Remediation action plans are also prescribed. It is banned because if a person inhaled it can cause severe respiratory disorders. Asbestos identification is not an easy task because these are narrow fibrils. Mostly blue, brown, and white (Chrysotile) is banned due to health hazard effects.


Remediation action plans are necessary to maintain the hygiene of the environment. Without considering preventive measures, receptors can suffer from many health hazard diseases.

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