What Makes An Italian Restaurant Best?

If you are looking to find the authentic Italian food, then you may not find it every restaurant that claims to serve the authentic Italian food because there are number of unauthentic Italian restaurants as well and you certainly do not want to spend the money on tasteless food therefore, before enjoying your food in an Italian restaurant it is better to do a little research and understand which elements make the best Italian restaurant in prahran.

Authentic food:

Certainly, being in an Italian restaurant means you want to taste the food exactly as an Italian would prepare it and there should not be any twists added to the original recipe because then there would be no use of these. therefore, it is best if you go to an Italian restaurant where you know the chefs are Italian and know their food. This is especially true when you are dining in an Italian restaurant outside the Italy. But even being in Italy, every Italian restaurant is not the authentic.

Specific hours:

You should know that Italians are obsessed with their food and cuisines and therefore, they have specific times for each meal and the meals are served only in these hours, therefore, an authentic Italian restaurant will only serve the meals around 12:00 to 2:00 pm and then 7:00 to 11:00 pm. This means that if some restaurant is open all day then there is something wrong with the authenticity.


An authentic Italian restaurant is fully booked whenever it is open and usually the menus are in the Italian but if you find a restaurant that is empty and quite then this means that the food is not good enough to be fully booked.

 Cocktail restaurant:

If you go to some high end dine in Italian restaurant, then it is most likely the cocktail restaurants as well in which you are presented with the number of variety of cocktails, because these beverages are important part of the culture in Italy.


Another indication is that the menus will not have any pictures and it will not be as extensive but there will be some daily signature dishes in the authentic Italian restaurant because they believe that the actual beauty of the food cannot be captured and displayed in the pictures. Not only this, but the menu must only feature the Italian cuisines and that the dishes in the menus must have seasonal ingredients, this is the reason why Italian are so precise about their menu because they prefer to make the dishes from the fresh seasonal ingredients. As mentioned earlier, there are specific times for the meal and similarly, there are specific times to eat specific dishes, such as the pizzas are not generally eaten at lunch time even though it is the highlight of an Italian restaurant.

So check for these indications before dining in to have a complete Italian meal experience. For more information visit our website tipico.melbourne.