Minimum Height To Wear Safety Harness Is 2 Meters

Working at height

How often should a person take working at height training? 


The working at high training must be taken around every six months to refresh your team as well as to refresh all the courses in the consequences that are being trained in the working at height course or the working at height courses every six months so that the person can properly understand and maintain the equipment.


There are three simple rules in order to work at height that must be followed, and they are considered as the safety rules for working at height. 


Always make sure that you select the equipment that is safe to use and that is easier for you to task at hand. Make sure that you see if it is suitable for you. The two other responsibilities while waiting at height is to make sure that the work is planned as well as supervised and organized at all times. Make sure that the services are being properly controlled and the weather conditions must be taken into consideration before working at height.


The minimum height to wear safety harness is 2 meters and above. There is a protection equipment or protection clothing that a person must wear to avoid or to make sure that they prevent themselves from getting injured. It is a form of a protective equipment that is designed in order to guard the injury or the death from falling. It is also known as the Harness Belt and it is a fabricated from rope synthetic webbing. 


What are the risks of falling from a height? 


Falling from height has serious and numerous injuries or risk such as the third highest cause of fatal injury, result of 80 major injuries, result in serious or fatal injury., also it result of a three day absence injuries.  


Why should a person invest in working at height course training?


One of the most important reasons why people invest in working at high trainings is that it reduces the risk of accidents at work. Did you know that there has been a lot of accidents at work and damages at the company since the employers used to fall down and cause themselves serious injuries? Getting a course will help them be aware in ensure the safety measures that they must take and they need to have before working at a height. The second is increases staff morale. Since getting a. Working at height course will make the employer happy and confident on the job so that they can work better. Providing them training will only benefit the staff and their morale so that they can work and continue to work harder. The third one is that it creates a positive health and safety culture. Getting and receiving a proper training will outcome in a better working environmental transformations.